Friday, July 26, 2013

Annual Blog Posting!

I forgot to post something on here for a Loooooong time.
I'm going to try to be more regular from now on.... But we shall see!

I tried to watch today and I really didn't get anywhere.
Stupid linking and sharing before continuing.
I guess I'll be looking for a new CX video fix.
Anybody got any leads on good CX videos.
If I find one I'll relay it here.

2013 is going to be great!
I will race and get out more.
Hopefully more posting will make it's way here.

Have a great day and C U Soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This Blog has been officially revived.
I had to get more than 3 rides together to make it official.
I'll be training for CYCLOCROSS from now on.
They say separation makes the heart grow fonder.
And it is definitely true.
It feels so good to ride again.
The only un-fun part about it is how tender my butt feels every time I get on my bike.
Only temporary and its getting easier every ride.

I figure I will log 1000 easier Kilometers, then really start pumping out the intervals,tempo work, and power reps.

I am no pro but I hope to get stronger than I have in the past.

This CX season is gonna be AWESOME!

I can't wait!

more bloggy to follow!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Woot! Woot! Back in the saddle again.

Had a blast @ Albion hills this weekend.

Chico racing Summer Solstice 24 hour race 6-10 club/company team was fun.

Surprised myself with some respectable lap times, considering I've only had 1 ride per week since Paris to Ancaster.

The course was set up perfect for outta shape single speeders like me.

Had a wicked fun time with the SHCC teams and families in attendance.

I look forward to more saddle time in preparation for CX season this year.

I'll post up my GPS of the Solstice course soon.

Until then,
Keep those big wheels rollin"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just another sunday ride!

Hooked up with the guys on a SHCC group ride.

Tom McD, Jeff K, Derek McC, and Young Andrew.

Hit the canal path out to Linclon st in welland and came back down Effingham.

I know why they call in "F"ing ham. I was spinning my ass of on the back side.
Fixed gear and big hills don't mix well.

Anyway, had a good 2 hour early season ride.

Things are going as planned as far as training goes.

More strength work is needed though.
Core and plyo are on the agenda this week.

Gonna figure out how to post here from my phone later today.

Hopefully pictures to follow.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Training resumes.

Back to training.
Things are going good.

Getting fitter everyday. Err should I say more fit?
Just gotta hit the gym more often.

Captain Lightning and the Under Dogs are registered for Summer Solstice Race in June.
Should be a blast.


Thursday, March 3, 2011


The desire to train is gone.

replaced by the desire to sit and hold the couch down. :-(

Time is short,
or is it fatigue?

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back in the habit of riding again.

always tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Can't remember the last time I blogged.
Thought I woulda' got deleted by now. Any HOOO!

Had a good easy MTB ride on the St.Kitts single track trails. Misfit was rollin' good.
Great trails for the end of Oct. We are so lucky to have such awesome trails just out our doors.

Sadly no CX this week end. Gone out of town on business. But I might sneak back for Sunday @ Kelso though.

Interested to see how a race with an additional 19 gears goes.

Training in the rain tomorrow will be gloriously craptactular but fun. No one ever rides in the rain enough to fully appreciate it.

More blogging to follow in the future. Hopefully pics too.

A little trip to the archives of my 7 year old computer to clog up the internet a bit more for ya.

Name that celebrity with mechanical failure.